Parasystem is the thermal insulating coating system for external walls realised by Terremilia.
The listels, realised with all of the finishes from the range of the Extruded Bricks and the Hanmade Bricks, add to the excellent performances of thermal and acoustic isolation guaranteed by the coating, the refined aesthetic of the unplastered brick, combining project necessities and aesthet-ic elegance.

The availability of a wide selection of finishes ensures a strong visual and emotional impact, as well as different possibilities of personalization.

The coat system that saves the exposed face

Our thermal insulation system returns energy-optimized buildings to the timeless aesthetics of exposed face. How? Thanks to special brick lath with reduced thickness.

The rapid spread of coatings is drastically reducing the number of facade buildings, a building typology that characterizes (or, at least, has characterized for decades) the urban residential scenario in several areas of the peninsula. Restoring it after the application of the insulation layer involves costs, technical criticality and an additional increase in thickness (already substantial) that no one is willing to deal with. Faced with the double jump in energy class reimbursed at 110%, even those who like the feel of exposed brick give in to the aesthetic anonymity typical of mono- or bichromatic plaster, giving up even the technical benefit of unmatched envelope strength.

Our system was created to combine the energy and acoustic advantages of a coat and the mechanical advantages of brick cladding: Parasystem provides, in fact, a finish that consists of the laying of thin strips of brick. In this way it saves the refined aesthetics of the exposed face, with the added advantages of a frost-proof and extremely durable material.

The laths are obtained by cutting the noble faces of both soft and extruded bricks. They have a thickness that is around 2.5 cm and sizes, colors and finishes that coincide with those in our catalog, subject to the possibility of custom looks if the quantities justify the investment. The reduced weight of this coating that replaces the layer of plaster protecting the insulation in no way affects the tightness of the thermal system, while increasing its resistance to impact and hail.